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Wedding Vow Poems

A wedding stirs up all types of emotions in the bride, the groom, the parents and the friends.

On this special day of days, you want to be sure that the words you speak to your beloved are sincere and come from your heart.

We think that reciting your vows in an original poem is not only adorable but an ideal and magical way to send your love. Imagine exchanging vows in this wonderful new way. Everybody will be so touched.

Read the example from Lori to Joe. Each wedding poem is composed from your own information. They run under a minute in length and everybody will love them - just like these folks.

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A Wedding Vow Example

Dear Joe,

Twenty-five years ago,
I made a vow
And so much has changed
Between that day and now.

So give me a moment
To reflect and recall
To savor our memories
And relive it all.

Remember with me,
The first time we met,
Or our first dinner at Chuck's
The one I’ll never forget

Between your sense of humour
And green firebird
I was taken with you
And hung on each word.

After four wonderful years
With your love in my life
I was ready and proud
To become your wife.

Then came our children,
Like gifts from above.
Each one a blessing
Born from our love.

Our date-nights on Fridays,
The trips every year,
The Chalet Suzanne
And the time we’ve spent there...

Each of these memories
Holds a place in my heart
But they’d be nothing to me
If we were apart.

Because having you close,
And sharing these things
Is the future I pictured
When exchanging our rings.

So I stand here before you
Attempting to say
That the love that I offered
On our wedding day

Is still here inside me
But perhaps there is more
Than even you, the negotiator,
Had bargained for.

The joy you have given me
And the chords that you've struck
Must have been destiny
And not just "Joe-luck."

Because after twenty-five years
Of loving you, Joe
There is something I’m sure of,
Something I know:

No matter how much I loved you
When I last said this vow,
It could never compare to
The love I feel now.

So again I will promise
As I stand by your side
That I’m nothing,
If not forever your bride.