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Perfect Wedding Toasts

The wedding is such an exciting time. With all the planning from the photographer to the musicians to the toast, you want to make sure that all goes according to plan.

That is where we come in! Our toasts will celebrate the couple on their day of days. From a toast from the parents of the bride to the Maid of Honor and Best Man, each toast is made up of your personal details.

So, tell us all about your relationship with the bride and groom and we'll get to work and create an endearing toast from 1 -2 minutes in length. We know that you will be delighted.

Let's get started. Order your toast today. Upon receipt of your order you will receive a special wedding questionnaire. Kindly fill this out, telling me all about the bride and groom. It’s your fun stories that will help us create your special toast.

Little did I know when I googled on to your website how my wish for the perfect wedding toast would be fulfilled. Thank you so much. It is fantastic. You have hit on every vital aspect of Michelle and Joe. The price paid is worth every cent.
-- Margaret, Staten Island

Dear Amy,
I'm very pleased and happy with the toast! I will certainly use you and your services again. It is a true talent you have.
-- Nancy, Boston, MA

He's my baby brother...ONE of my baby brothers, in fact. But for twins, they couldn't be less alike.

Mike was so relaxed as a baby, so easy going and soft and sweet and cuddly, that we lovingly called him "the marshmallow."

Rob, on the other hand, came squirming and yelping and screaming into this world. And nothing has changed. He's all muscle and sinew and brass and brash. He couldn't wait to stop being a kid. It was a waste of time. There were places to go, people to see, money to be made...and world records to beat.

But we had fun with little Rob. Our sister Mars and I fed into his competitive spirit all the time. Want to get Rob to do something? Make a race out of it. All we had to say is "Rob, get on your mark...get set...and go!" It always worked. Rob, get me a glass of water. Rob, change the channel on the TV. Rob, make the beds, paint the house, build a skyscraper...anything! Believe me, he could do it.

Of course, as he got older, his incentive changed. Setting new world records wasn't important anymore. At the next level, we had to PAY him to do things. And he always complied...for cash. I loved those days...and I still miss those hour-long foot massages for a quarter.

Rob and Mike are the youngest of 5 Ristau kids, but in some ways he acts like the oldest. He's really a rock. A great source -- for all of us -- for solid advice. He planned out his whole life way back when, and he has met every goal he ever set for himself. He's a freight train roaring down the track. Or better yet: Hurricane Rob. Nothing stops him. Nothing.

Rob has two eyes, of course. One blue, one hazel. He also has a cowlick that's classic, and poetic, because it disrupts what would otherwise be an absolutely perfect appearance. His muscular stature has always amazed all of us. He was BORN with those muscles, and he'll gladly flex them for you -- whether you pay him a quarter or not.

He's a perfectionist, an athlete, a stand-up comic, a great dancer, a gourmet cook, a gardener, a clothes model and a financial genius. He'll do anything at all -- except stand still for a minute.

If you want to see a perfect complement to Rob, just look at Ashley. She's beautiful, funny, creative and CALM. Always graceful and poised, she's the epitome of style in every way. I KNEW that Rob was in love when he showed up with Ashley -- and he was dressed in seersucker pants and a pink Le Tigre shirt -- with the collar UP. I look at these two, both of them gorgeous, and I swoon at the prospect of the gorgeous kids they'll have some day.

So Rob, I sure won't ask you to stop what you're doing. I know better. But if you have it in your heart to just SLOW DOWN a little bit, even for a second, there's something that I'd like to say.

Rob...Ashley...you're a wonderful, beautiful, altogether adorable couple, and as you move through life -- at breakneck speed, for sure -- I want you to know that we love you now, as always, with all our heart. To you both, the very best of everything, with plenty of peace and joy, accomplishment and satisfaction. I know you'll get it anyway, but just for the record, you deserve nothing less.