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Original wedding speeches written here. Whether your son is getting married, or your little brother or sister just got engaged, now is a wonderful time to wish them the best with an original wedding speech created by PoemsToGo.

From heartfelt maid of honor speeches to a fun toast from the Best Man, our speeches are just terrific and are based on your relationship with the bride and groom. Whether for the engagement party, bridal shower, wedding vows, the reception and more, your speech is guaranteed to wow! Take a look at the example on this page to get a feel for what we can do for you and then order yours.

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Oh Amy,
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am somewhere between laughter and tears! It is absolutely perfect wedding speech. I know everyone will love it - and it somewhat lessons the nerves of now standing up in front on the (small) crowd !! Thank you again
With VERY best wishes,
-- Carina

A Wedding Speech Excerpt

Life is fascinating indeed when you're the big sister to someone like Vanessa. I'm 11 months older than her, and it has really been a challenge to try and teach little sister about life…show her the right ways…give her the tools to help her build a meaningful, joyous existence.

Yeah, right. Fact is, while Vanessa IS 11 months younger than me, she has ALWAYS, as long as I can remember, been quite capable of taking care of herself…and finding her way in this world.

My sister and I have always been close, always held each other in warmest regard, always been there for each other, and always been two sisters who learn from each other, who love each other. Not that all was smooth and easy every minute of the way. Far from it. We had our share of fights. And once, when she stole my hair scrunchy, it got physical. I pinned her down and later on she chased me around the kitchen table…with a butcher knife in her hand. It must have looked like an Alfred Hitchcock movie when mom stumbled onto that scene. It was terrible. But we were kids.

It hasn't always been easy. We lost our dad when all of us were far too young. It was an extraordinarily tough time for everyone. But mom really rose to the occasion, becoming mom AND dad to us. She was and is our saving grace, and a real pillar of strength.

In spite of all the difficulties, life went on. Vanessa, whom today is a beautiful bride, was once a real rebel with a will of steel. My little sister feared nothing. No one. She used to fight with mommy like cats and dogs over the clothes she was allowed to wear. Mom set the rules and Vanessa would always leave home dressed the way mom demanded. Of course, little sister would change into HER favorite clothes as soon as she left the house. And she'd change back into the original clothes before she RETURNED to the house.

As a teenager, she used to sneak on the bus to New York or go shopping on Bergenline Avenue. One time she went out - God knows where. When she got home, mom asked where she had been. "To the movies," Vanessa lied. Rightfully suspicious, mom asked: "What did you see?" Always with a quick answer, Vanessa said: "The Exterminator." Of course, she meant "The Terminator."

As you can tell, my dear sister is incredibly strong-willed. Once her mind is made up, there's no changing it. She's stubborn, yes. But she's also a skilled and dedicated worker, and one of the most dependable, reliable people I know. She's also one of the sweetest, most loving people I know. She's Godmother to my three kids, the twins, Jordan and Justin, and little Jayden. When they were born, she was at my side every step of the way -- including waking up in the middle of the night to help with their feedings. She's unbelievable, my sister. And the boys? They're crazy about her, and why not? She spoils them rotten. God forbid if their father or I get angry at them. They run to their beloved Aunt Didi -- that's what they call her -- and she always takes their side. That's ok, though. I'm thrilled to see Vanessa and my kids as close as they are. It really warms my heart -- for lots of reasons.

As Vanessa's Maid of Honor, I'm just so proud. And I'm thrilled, too. She and Teddy have been dating for about four years -- starting together about the same time that Jordan and Justin were born. And it's clear to all of us that they're very much in love, and so wonderfully suited to each other. I wish my little sister and my brand new brother all kinds of happiness. And I have to say that family is of utmost importance. Our family has suffered some pretty significant losses, as I had mentioned earlier. But through it all, we've managed -- in large part because our family has stayed together, we've been there for each other, and continue to be there. That makes a world of difference. On that note of family closeness, I wish to acknowledge our Uncle Frankie -- a man who has had his own hard times in life, and who has worked so hard to rise above those hard times. Uncle Frankie, you're a big part of our lives, and we love you very much for whom you are and what you've done to take care and make things better.