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Dear Amy,
What a great toast! My wife and I both absolutely love it! You are so creative and talented. We appreciate you helping us make Dad's birthday celebration very special. It brought an ear-to-ear smile to my face when I read it.
With much appreciation,
-- Neil

Dear Amy,
I am absolutely thrilled with this wedding toast. The guests too thought it was the greatest! Many thanks, I'll be back for more!
-- Sincerely, Jill

We're here to celebrate a wonderful occasion – the 65th birthday of my marvelous mom, JoAnn, otherwise known as the Chicken of Mahwah.

One look at her hair and you'll know exactly why she has always enjoyed that name – which is bestowed strictly with love, enjoyment and, yes, respect.

As a mother, JoAnn has always been the very best for my brother Cicci and me. And her brood of grandkids would agree totally. There are five of them. Well, actually eight, and they all adore their Grandma Turns – that's what they call her.

First there are my kids and Cicci's. Anthony, Ava, Nicholas, Santino and Dominic. And we surely can't – and won't – forget Heather's three very special kids, too. Kayla, Angelo and Danny. They're for sure a big part of the family and, for mom, they're grandkids just like the others.

Anthony is mom's first grandchild and she says he reminds her a lot of my dad, mom's beloved late husband. Ava, at 6, is the princess. Mom always tells her “You are my girl.” At 4, Nicholas loves to go to grandma's house to play with all of Uncle Cicci's toys, especially his trains. 2 year-old Santino considers a visit to grandma's to be exactly like a visit to the candy store. And baby Dominic? Well, grandma just loves to hold him.

Meanwhile, Kayla is a delightful young lady who keeps mom young. Angelo, the way he gets into playing his video games, is a world of fun to watch. And Danny is just an extremely lovable dude.

In short, mom is surrounded by love – as well she should be. She's all about love – in so many ways.

She's the world's greatest cook. They say food is love, or a gift of love, and mom gives it in great quantity. When I gave birth, she prepared food enough to feed an army – so I wouldn't have to cook. When she makes a holiday she makes enough food to feed us between now and the next holiday. That's a lot of loving! Her meatballs are to die for. And so are her lasagna and baked ziti.

As a babysitter, mom has a way of dealing beautifully with the kids – even when they're screaming their heads off and just want mommy. It's one of her loving ways. It's her magic touch.

She's a born knitter and we all have the homemade PJs to prove it. Every one of the grandkids gets a personalized Christmas stocking. Ava got a baptism dress that was heavenly.

She loves to read, to take care of people, and to listen. She's retired now and she loves being home – with her books, her family, her friends and, yes, we can't forget her menagerie of pets. Her dog Winnie and her bird, the one that used to be called Nola but now, because she's always screaming, is renamed Scucci.

We call it a house of misfits, and it's always a house of love.

So mom, you of the gorgeous blue eyes and that crazy chicken hair, this toast is yours as a gesture of gratitude for all you are, and for all you mean to us. With greatest love -- on your birthday and every day. And wishes for much happiness and many more birthdays to come. You mean the world to us.