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Teacher Appreciation Poems

Do you have a favorite teacher? One that has been with you through thick and thin?

Now is the time to honor them with special words from your heart! A really wonderful way to do this is with an original poem from PoemsToGo.

Our poems are just beautiful, and that's because we write them using your own personal details. You can rest assure that each one will reflect you and your feelings toward your teacher.

View the sample below to get a taste of our writing, and then order your poem today.

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Dear Amy, I'm at a loss for words. This is such a beautiful poem you created. It will be cherished forever.
-- Sincerely, Ceil

Dear Mom,

These are the days of your glory,
Filled with accolades sent from the crowd.
But I wanted to honor you, Son to Mom
If I may be so allowed.

Your accomplishments rendered an impact
On my life and the way that I view it
I'd be nowhere today, without you and your way
Of teaching me how to go through it.

I remember the days back at Carver,
A second family for me and my brother.
We are proud when they ask, as in the past,
To say "Yes, that Ms. Frech is our mother."

Spending time at your school on the weekends
Was like fulfilling a childhood whim
As you readied your class for your children
We'd spend hours of play in the gym.

"Pizza Nights" always felt very special
Watching movies with dozens of kids
It's a memory, of an innocent time
Like pizza leftovers stuffed in life's fridge.

Now your legacy often precedes me
As I encounter past students you've taught
My path is well paved, thanks to you
My success, like insurance you bought.

Like a crayon box, we all take on hues
A uniqueness in each brilliant taper
And you accepted me, and the shape that I've cut,
Amid the bulletin board's multi-colored paper.

It's a topic too often unspoken,
But to me it's the deepest to share
To acknowledge the fact it's uneasy to grasp,
But through clouds of confusion, you care.

My heart wants it said, as we start this new phase
The word family means very much
Think of bygone days, for a family stays
Forever, each other's strong crutch.

So here's to tomorrow, together
Wishing long summer days, warm and shady
From a son and a student who owes you the world
You are such an amazing lady.

Love, Sean