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Perfect Thank You Poems

PoemsToGo will give you a personalized Thank You, in verse, a one-of-a-kind based strictly on information that you provide to us through our easy, exclusive questionnaire. One of our professional writers will take your input and use it to craft a poem that your recipient -- and you -- will remember most fondly for a long, long time. So if you're looking to say "Thank you" to anyone, such as a favorite teacher do it with an original poem! Or maybe you'd like to thank your boss for a special kindness, or just for being there.

For all of these instances, PoemsToGo is here to write for you! All of our poems are made exclusively from your own information so they reflect you. Whether you want a funny poem or one that is a heartfelt or a combination therefore, just let us know when you complete your thank you questionnaire.

Kindly fill out as thoroughly as you can, telling us all about the recipient that you wish to thank. It can be to thank your teacher, or your boss, or a heartfelt thank you to a special friend.

Each poem is 15 stanzas long which runs just under a minute.

As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, we will start to write your piece and will return it to you within 5 business days.

If you need it sooner, please be sure to check off the “Rush” box found half-way down the Order page.

For any questions, please feel free to contact me or call me today at 508-330-0028.

Your thank you poem was a bloody riot! Everybody laughed and laughed, I even danced on the table. I know I can always count on you for excellent work
Thanks a million,
-- Maria

Dear Amy,
You are the BEST! I wish I had an ounce of your talent!
-- Bev

Dear Mum and Dad
What can I say?
You've been with me
All along the way.

When we had the kids
It wasn't easy to fare.
But so much the better
Because you were there.

Sweet Seth and darling Zoe,
Grandkids who truly adore ya.
I want you to know – from all of us
That no one comes before ya.

Your sweet and selfless spirit
That deals with those come-what-mays,
I tell you now, quite honestly
You've brightened all my days.

When Kanne and I discovered
That Zoe wasn't well,
We thought we'd entered something like
A very private hell.

But help was on the way to us,
From doctors, yes it's true.
But the biggest help of all –
It came – where else? From both of you.

You came to us and stayed with us,
You gave a world of strength.
Oh parents, dear, can I ever say
Just how much it meant?

For Mum to be there off the bat,
For Dad to make that drive…
For Mathew to go it alone at home…
I'm the luckiest girl alive.

Dad's worked so hard to earn the funds
To keep us living well.
And Mum's the word that says it all,
So much that I could tell.

Like how she gives so much to us,
My thanks for her I'm prayin'.
She does it all, and never stops,
"All work and no play" is her sayin'.

She's strictly a gal for family,
From her own sweet brood of seven.
I tell you Mum, you put me strong
On top of seventh heaven.

And let the world know of my folks –
That never will they fail ya'.
They're best in Kalgoorlie, oh yes,
In fact, they're tops in all Australia.

I'm here to say for all of us,
From Kanne and the kids.
We'll make it, yes, we will prevail
Above all in our midst.

But gotta give sweet credit
Where such a thing is due.
And I tell you, Mum and Dad, my dears
It's all because of you.

Sweet family means everything
In the world to me.
I've learned from your example, folks,
I'm telling you…I see.

So thanks again to Mum and Dad,
And brother – you're a dear.
We move ahead because of you,
To a future with hope – not fear.