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For your favorite boss, a Thank You Poem

Have you had a wonderful boss for many a year? A man who has taught you well, and now is up and retiring.

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Dear Coach Wayne,

Here's to Coach Wayne Pratt,
Soccer coach extraordinaire.
He gets his kicks from soccer
And for the team he's always there.

I must express my thanks,
And make it very clear,
Just how much that Wayne
Has meant to my soccer career.

He coached me since I was twelve,
His wife Claire was our team mom.
Even when the action was wild,
He always kept us cool and calm.

Or course he's very animated,
With a wit that's great, bar none.
He's known to break the tension
By interjecting fun.

As motivators go,
He truly is the best.
Cares so much about his players,
Always stands the test.

Has the gift of gab,
Can electrify the masses,
And you'll never see him, never,
Without his trusty sunglassses.

Along with on the field,
He made sure we studied a lot.
Always kept us on our toes,
A life education is what we got.

He sure knows soccer cold,
And he's there for our whole team.
You can call him day or night,
He never runs out of steam.

Eats sunflowers by the ton,
During every game,
Says they keep him quiet,
But he's always loud just the same.

I'll never forget his words,
Before district playoff overtime,
The shootout was about to start,
And coach was in his prime.

He put a protective arm around me,
"I'm really proud of you, no matter what."
His words meant the most to me
Will I forget them? I think not.

So coach, again, I say it
In total, not in part.
With thanks for all you've done,
From the bottom of my heart.