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Teacher Retirement Poems

Time to say fare-thee-well to a favorite teacher? Do words escape you? Let us take the pressure off by writing a touching, meaningful tribute for you.

Each retirement greeting is 15 stanzas long, which runs to be about a minute in length. From funny to heartfelt, your retirement poem will be full of your touching memories. The result will leave the recipient with happy tears of joy.

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Dear Amy, What beautiful retirement wishes you sent. I can't thank you enough. Best wishes

A Teacher Retirement Poem Example

A poem for Rosie McPhee,
"Roses" is her nickname.
It truly is a fitting one
As gardening is her fame.

She's been at St. Johns School so long,
This is her 27th year.
Her extraordinary worth and value
Have been made so abundantly clear.

Fact is, she is our treasure,
The classic kindergarten pro.
A teacher adored by all adults,
And the children love her so.

This I know full well,
I was her "head room parent" for a year.
How my son Sam just loved her,
Ms. McPhee is sure a dear.

The perfect smile, the sweetest voice,
A paragon of devotion.
Whether drawing isosceles triangles
Or teaching about the ocean.

One truly wondrous event,
A metaphor, for real,
Is the epic of the monarch,
For the children, a marvelous deal.

Every year her class is enraptured
Watching caterpillars turn to butterflies.
Then these beautiful creatures soar to freedom,
Amidst the children's thrills and sighs.

That metaphor is crystal,
A year of cultivation sweet.
Then, the kids fly off like butterflies,
So tender, life so neat.

Roses loves her exotic birds
Especially her own, named "Chile."
Her favorite color is blue,
And Mexican food tempts her silly.

She's a paradigm for patience,
Her kindness is well known.
How wonderful, for 27 years,
This gem has been our own.

Now she's off, a fact of life,
Retirement will take her away.
Family duties beckon,
To Ojai, another day.

She'll love that beauteous spot,
Where magic rings so true.
Growing oranges and avocados,
That's what our teacher will do.

No doubt she'll thrive in that great place,
She always comes out on top,
But our feeling for you, Roses,
Well, the goodness just won't stop.

We wish you well, of course,
Throughout all your golden days.
And yes, we'll miss you terribly,
That's just the way it plays.

We thank you for your gifts,
For the pleasure of knowing you.
To the woman and the teacher,
With all our love, forever true.