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Sympathy Speeches

In one's moment of grief, it is hard to compose your thoughts. Your entire world has been turned upside down and you can't think straight, let alone come up with appropriate words to say. From a eulogy to words of condolence, grief can be very tough.

Here at PoemsToGo, we will try to ease your discomfort with the preparation of a customized memorial speech. Read the speech sample. Our speeches run from three to five minutes in length. Each is composed from your own details.

Kindly place your order here or click the order now button at the top of this page. I will send you my special questionnaire to complete. Please do so and then email back to me. I will send you your speech within four business days.

I look forward to writing an appropriate and touching speech for you.

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Dear Amy,
I received the speech and it is very touching, especially the part of my husband and our son and grandson. I really appreciate what you did for me. I am sure that everyone will be as touched by the speech as I am.

Memorial Speech Excerpt

I want to thank you all, from my heart, for being here today. To Donnie and Ray, special thanks for taking the dream of this, the Jimmy Erdman Memorial Ride, and making it a reality. You know, this is just the kind of event in which Jimmy would LOVE to participate. And I can tell you all – he IS here…in my heart and, I'm sure, in lots of other hearts.

I'm not telling you anything new with this, but Jimmy loved to ride. We were really into it. We were members of the Eagle Harley Owners Group for 10 years. "Stretch" and all the others members were – and ARE – just the greatest.

And we were members of the Reading Motorcycle Club – where we made so many wonderful friends – and enjoyed so many great events, like that annual anniversary party, for instance.

Jimmy and I took a lot of great trips together. One in particular was very special. We hit the road with Donnie and with our dear friends, John and Christine Kovtach...to Milwaukee for the 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson bash. What a time we had! Cross-country biking…then non-stop partying in Milwaukee. Best of all, I think, that trip gave Jimmy and Donnie some real quality time. For all of us, it was an unforgettable experience...