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A Speech Excerpt

As the Maid of Honor at this wonderful occasion, it's my privilege and my pleasure to say a few words about my dear friend, Elodia.

We met in April in the year of 1989. 17 years ago…a lifetime ago. We worked together for 2 years -- and then we really became close friends. I was especially taken by her son, Gabriel, who was an adorable two year old at the time. Look at him now. He's an adorable 18 year old -- and a walking reminder of just how fast time flies, how quickly life moves on, how wonderful it is for good people to get together -- forever --- on occasions like this.

Elodia comes from a wonderfully large family. They had a whole lot of mouths to feed in Casa Martinez. In fact there were 8 siblings in all. 4 boys, 4 girls. Elodia was the oldest girl. As such, she had to keep the boys in check. In fact, growing up on New York's lower East Side, all of the Martinez kids had to negotiate a world that could be very tough at times. Elodia was up to the task. She could be tough, yes. But she always had a heart of gold inside -- and all of you here who know her, know that.

She is an amazing source of comfort and strength for her family and her friends. But I warn you: she's no pushover. Elodia's love can often be tough love, a love that teaches, a love that helps one to grow, a love that endures.

As Elodia's dear friend, I'm here to tell you that her love, her tough love, has helped me many times.

Being a single mom bears many special challenges, for sure. But, like everything else, Elodia met every challenge with patience, kindness, intelligence and, yes, her marvelous confidence and strength. Today, Gabriel is a marvelous young man. He is strong, he is wise, he is intelligent, he is sensitive. He is a real product of his mother, I'm happy to say.

I'm also happy to say that after proving her worth as a single mother, Elodia finally found the man of her dreams. But this was no overnight success story. Far from it.

Actually, Elodia and David met some seven years ago, at work. She was a Notary Public and he was in Compliance. He needed her professional help often and, as it was, he found himself gravitating to her office for…well…all kinds of reasons.