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Why mark the grandest occasions of our lives with just an off-the-rack greeting card? PoemsToGo will give you original poems written for birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah, retirements, candle lighting ceremonies, and more. Poetry made from your own stories - with love, fun and feeling that is truly fantastic.

Make a fabulous impression on boys or girls of any age with a joyous, heartfelt birthday poem. Say happy 90th birthday to Nanny and Papa. Or make the day even more special for your children, special friends or even a business associate. The point is simple: For a 50th anniversary poem, a 21st birthday, wedding poems or more, PoemsToGo is perfect for you!

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A Poetry Example

Hooray for life,
No need to worry.
It's birthday time
For Roy McMurray!

Let's celebrate his 50 years
And do it like we oughter,
Come and share for all its worth
And make your way by water.

Your party invite follows,
At the end of this ol' rhyme.
Please come and raise a glass with us
And have a grand old time.

I'm thinking about my years with Roy,
Did I tell you how we met?
I'll tell you now, it's something
I really can't forget.

I was working at Makoto's,
A Japanese place for dinner.
With I spotted Roy – a customer
Who looked like a certain winner!

So I took a fortune from a cookie,
Replaced it with a new one.
Served it to him silently,
Then stepped back to watch all the fun.

The fortune I had written
Was to make this sweet man see.
"Lovely young female to enter your life,
And fulfill your wildest fantasies."

That was 9 sweet years ago
And the fortune was on the money.
Roy and I are soul mates,
Forever to be honeys.

I tell you about this birthday boy,
He's got a special power.
So unique in every way,
A regular…Boomhower.

We voyage to the Bahamas,
Aboard our "Pride & Joy."
It's all such fun that's never done,
Just me and my dear Roy.

‘Course we're not alone completely,
This lady and her guy.
We're always in the company
Of our darlings, Jazz and Ty.

So please do come and join us,
On Roy's own great big day.
We'll celebrate and revel,
Is there any other way?

The party details are provided,
Simple and so straight.
We hope you'll love to share with us,
And know that we can't wait!

It's at our house by waterside,
Just float on by and dock.
You know it's gonna be some fun,
This surely is a lock.

See you on the 12th of March,
A Saturday, for sure.
Come and share Roy's glory.
And the party? It starts at 4!

Sakes alive, of course you can drive!