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Pet Sympathy Poems

Grief is a normal part of life. Whether you have just lost a sibling, father, mother or dear friend, the loss can be extremely hard to bear.

But here at PoemsToGo, we will help you through it all by writing a sympathy poem. Not only for people but also for animals. From dogs to cats and everything in between, pets become a part of our life.

When they pass, why not get a sympathy poem to show you care. Not only will you love it but it will be a cherished memory as the years go by.

Here's one real-life example. David had just lost his beloved dog, Woody.

Dear Amy,
I'm so thankful for your beautiful poem. Now, I feel like Woody's companionship still continues even though I won't see him every again. Your poem will help me get over Woody's death. I know he’s still with me in spirit.
-- David

Each poem is simply beautiful. That’s because each is composed from your own details.

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Your pet sympathy questionnaire will follow in your email box. Please fill it out and then email it back to me. I will use your own information to create a lovely 15 stanza poem for you.

For any questions or special requests, please feel free to get in touch or call us at 508-330-0028.

Pet Sympathy Poem Example

Dog heaven is a special place
My tail is wagging fast
With all the things we dogs enjoy
I'm having such a blast.

Each night when I look in my dish
I get filet mignon for dinner
Never that dry stuff or stale meat
No cereal or filler.

So many other dogs are here
I never get dog lonely
It never takes me long at all
To find that night's "one and only."

We have so many balls to chase
I'm getting so much fitter
With water flowing everywhere
Always sweet and never bitter.

Sometimes it looks like Star Wars
When I stare into the sky
It isn't UFO's I see
But countless frisbees passing by.

The firemen here all love the place
A perfect spot they can retire
With one hundred hydrants for each dog
They'll never have a fire!

Cars with windows lowered
Pass by me on the street
With dog ears flapping from each one
It makes me feel complete.

Yet in this perfect playground

Doing all I love to do
I find I'm often thinking back
Of all the times I spent with you.

There could be no kinder owner
We always had so much fun
Don't forget that I had seven years
Every time that you had one.

You always gave me so much love
Such kindness and attention
You deserve an owner's blue ribbon
Not just an honorable mention.

So please keep my memory active
In the morning when you eat
As you're chewing on your bagel
I'll be sitting at your feet.