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How To Order from PoemsToGo

Ordering from PoemsToGo is easy! Simply:

  • Select Your Occasion(s) - click the drop-down menu next to the poem, toast, or speech that you wish to purchase.
  • Choose Your Stationery - click the drop-down menu to choose a stationery. Click the checkbox if you wish to opt-out of this option.
  • Enter Your Billing and Delivery Details - your payment information will be collected on the next screen that you will see after you submit your order.
  • Click 'continue'. Fill in your credit card details to complete your order. - our 100% secure payment page ensures you can be confident when ordering from Poems To Go.
  • Complete our Poetry Questionnaire - You will receive our Poetry Questionnaire in your email box in approximately 5 - 10 minutes after you order. Please fill this out, making sure to put down all information that you will feel we will need to write your poem or speech. You may think about the questions for a few days before emailing the questionnaire back to us. It is important to fill this form out as thoroughly as possible.

...and you will receive your poem within only 4 - 5 business days.

For any questions or concerns, please call us at 508-330-0028.

Order Form

1. Select your Occasion - Click the drop down menu next to the poem, speech or toast that you wish to purchase.

Customized Poems - $89.95

  • Candle Lighting Poems - $274.95 (up to 13 candles)
  • If more than 13 candles, contact me to discuss a special rate.

Customized Toasts

  • One minute toast - $149.95
  • Two minute toast - $199.95

Customized Speeches

  • Three minute speech - $249.95
  • Four minute speech - $299.95
  • Five minute speech - $349.95
  • Bar mitzvah speech - $249.95

2. Select your stationery

We will email your poem, speech or toast to you when completed. f you would like your piece printed and mailed, we are happy to do so. There is a charge of $12.00 for printing and mailing within the United States. Outside of the United States the charge is $15.00

Please choose your stationery here:

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Below are thumbnail images of the stationery that we currently offer for your poem, speech or toast. Click on each image to see it enlarged.

Rush Order add $50.00

A RUSH ORDER is a poem, speech or toast that needs to be emailed and/or mailed to you within 3 days of receipt of your completed questionnaire. Please Check the "Yes, please rush my order" box below. If in doubt, please call us: 508-330-0028 or contact us.

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