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Heartfelt Maid of Honor Poems

Is your sister getting married? Have you been chosen to be her Maid of Honor? How exciting! On this special day, we, here at Poemstogo can think of no better way to send your love than with an original maid of honor poem. Each poem that we manufacture is composed of your own fun stories. Whether for the engagement party, bridal shower or wedding reception itself, each poem is heartfelt and totally reflects you and your relationship to the bride.

Tell us all about her and we'll incorporate your feelings into a wonderful verse. Take a look at some real-life customer testimonials.

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A Maid of Honor Poem Example

Our own Celine, today's sweet bride,
Is now a lovely wife.
We wish her boundless happiness
Throughout her married life.

When we were young, our family
All took a trip to Spain.
Celine was in a plaster cast,
Her broken leg a pain.

We pushed her in a wheelchair…
And I remember still
How, one day, we three piled on
And rode her down the hill!

Those days are gone, and now we're grown,
Just like our fair Celine.
Life's ups and downs are steeper as
Upon them we careen.

But still our family thrives and grows,
And we – with open arms –
Are lucky to be gaining Glen,
With all his gifts and charms.

Beneath Barbados' balmy skies,
Their honeymoon commences,
And then a lively road trip to
Delight all of their senses.

Miami on to Memphis, then
To Nashville is the plan…
But ‘where' is less important, for
She's found her perfect man.

Wherever life may lead these two,
Celine and Glen will find
They bring their own sweet pleasure, for
They're joined – heart, soul and mind.

Celine met Glen four years ago
At a pub called Harry Byrnes'.
It was my leaving party, there.
I could see how his heart yearns.

He asked, “Denise, do you believe
She might go out with me?”
I said, “Who knows, unless you ask?
You'll have to try and see.”

Well, truly, I already knew
She likely would say yes.
But when they came to their first date,
They were each a nervous mess.

At least it didn't take them long
To recognize their bond.
Compatible in views and goals,
They quickly grew quite fond.

From horror movies to Thai food,
Their choices are the same.
They love to travel and eat out,
And now they share their name.

Baldoyle meets Griffith Avenue
As bride and groom unite,
A handsome and delightful pair
Who've claimed their heart's delight.

And yet our green-eyed sister had
A panic, early on:
Glen gave a diamond cross to her,
And she cried, “What have you done?!”

When she saw Glen was bewildered,
She explained her sad belief
That such a gift meant they would part,
Thus causing loss and grief.

But she turned to our uncle, and
Father George Millar helped out
By blessing both the cross and chain,
Which soothed our sister's doubt.

So three cheers for our newlyweds!
They've truly earned their joy
As they combine to face the world,
A beaming girl and boy.

Their future spreads before them like
A fascinating trail
With twists and turns, surprising as
It covers hill and dale.

They're travelers – they'll love it.
So join us in a toast
To wish a world of blessings for
This pair we love the most.

Congratulations, Glen and Celine!