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Congratulations on your engagement.

Such a special time, the stuff that dreams are made of. At such a wonderful time, toast the bride-to-be with an original wedding poem, created by PoemsToGo.

All of my poems are truly unique, because we craft them from your own information. Tell me all about your relationship with the bride-to-be. Relay a few memories of times shared with the bride and what makes her so dear to you. It's your stories that will aid in creating truly memorable wedding poems.

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-- Tracey

An Engagement Poem Example

To Jamie, bride and sister dear
And master of the rhyme
You've written verse for others, but
The poem's for you this time.

Four years my junior, yet you've been
My best friend through the years
We've made so many memories,
Shared laughter and some tears.

You're witty, silly, very cool,
Yet calm and laid-back, too
You're an amazing listener
Your counsel's wise and true.

You're passionate in all you do
In each and every day,
And even in your teaching role
You turn your work to play.

Compassion is your passion, too
And many are aware
Of heavy burden's lightened
Through Jamie's tender care.

In fashion, you're the cutting edge
(You keep your sis in style)
And I feel beautiful inside
Because of your bright smile.

A favorite reminiscence
Was our Caribbean trip
You danced on stage each night and
Entertained all those on ship.

We dined with your ship's captain
And drank at the “Crew Bar”
I was so proud to know you –
My sister, the great star!

We drove eight hours to Tisdale once
To see our family
We sang our hearts out all the way;
The Fugees and Shaggy…

Five years ago, while backpacking
In Venice, Italy
You met Blane from Great Britain –
He hasten'd to Calgary.

A thoughtful man, a smart man,
Blane's good at everything;
Fixing computers, cooking meals
(Well, maybe not dancing…)

The scene of your engagement was
The famed Banff Springs Hotel,
A castle built for England's Queen –
It suited Blane's as well.

Together you have built a home,
With Rugby, your feline,
You've made a garden just for herbs,
A cellar just for wine.

And friends and family ‘round the world
Know just the place to find
A home of love, good cheer, great times –
The ties that always bind.

So now, late in December
As this year finally ends
We mark a new beginning;
The marriage of best friends.

To Blane and Jamie, raise your glass –
For health, success, romance –
While they, as partners, now step out
In life's most glorious dance!