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Candle Lighting Ceremony Poems - A beautiful and memorable touch for your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah occasion - from PoemsToGo!

PoemsToGo specializes in developing everything you need for your bar mitzvah, including original candle lighting poems, bar mitzvah poems and speeches.

Take a look on the right for an example of a true-life bar mitzvah poem which we created. These verses comprise the thirteen candles from family and friends. We are happy to provide more candles, if you need them. The poems range in length from fifty - sixty stanzas, including an introduction and a conclusion. They are based solely on your own information.

Please place your order here. Upon receipt, you will receive a special bar mitzvah candle lighting questionnaire. Just fill it out, telling us the order of the candles and a little bit about each person or group of people lighting a candle.

For any and all questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today or phone at 508-330-0028.

Dear Amy, That candlelighting poem that you wrote for me for my bar mitzvah was fantastic. I can’t believe how you were able to write all those stanzas about my family and my friends -- like you knew me for my whole life! I was a little nervous when I first got up and started to recite it all. But having your great poem right in front of me made it a lot easier. So did getting lots of laughs and applause along the way. I felt like a rock star in concert! Everybody came over to me afterward and told me the poem was great and that I was a big hit! It was all wonderful. So thank you very, very much. My bar mitzvah day was perfect and your candlelighting poem was a big part of it all! Best,
-- Steve Rubinstein

A Candle Lighting Poem Excerpt

So glad you're here on this,
My very special day.
Having you here to share it all,
Makes it greater in every way.

According to Jewish law,
I am a man, it's true.
Right now that means to me,
Anything I want to do.

The thing that means the most,
I'll make it perfectly clear,
Is to celebrate and honor,
Those whom I hold especially dear.

That brings us to this moment,
One that's sparkly, warm and bright.
A ceremony with a cake
And lots of candle light.

So when I call your name,
Please come right up with me.
To light a wondrous candle
For every one to see.

First one special acknowledgement,
Right here at the start,
For those no longer with us,
But always in our heart.

In their eternal memory,
Which beats bright just like the sun.
I light it up with love,
Here goes…candle one!

My Grandnana is next,
So charming and always great.
She's all about love and fun,
A classic who's just first rate.

Always cool and interested,
In everything I do.
Grandnana, please come up,
And let's light candle two.

Saba and Safta? Your turn.
You guys are just the best.
In sports, Saba knows all,
He always stands the test.

And when it comes to wonderful food,
Safta's great, for all to see.
So please, you two, come honor me;
Let's light candle three.

Nana and Papa are wonderful,
They think I can do no wrong.
Always filled with love,
We famously get along.

Their support is always endless,
It's a part of our family lore.
Nana, papa…please...
Come light candle four.