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Birthday Toasts

A birthday only comes but once a year. So be sure to mark this happy day with words that matter! What will you say? How will you say it? Fear not for PoemsToGo is here to help - by writing an original toast for you.

All toasts are totally original and made from your own information. Each one depicts the birthday boy. So congratulate him on his big day with a heartfelt toast. It's easy! Order yours today. Upon receipt of your order, you will automatically receive your toast questionnaire. Just complete and email back to us. We will use your information to create your toast.

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Thanks again Amy for the fantastic birthday toast. This is the second time I have used your talent and I think you are so wonderful to work with!
Very truly yours,
-- Jan

Amy, WOW! I was in tears at the end of the toast you created. I cannot thank you enough...truly perfect in every way!
-- Stephanie

A Birthday Toast Example

This is really a beautiful occasion -- the 50th wedding anniversary, the GOLDEN anniversary -- of our parents, Sam and Stella Falsetta. On behalf of my brothers, I'll say this: We three have sure been lucky to have those two as our parents. We always felt that way.

In a word, P...surprise! We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving in Park City, Utah! Well, folks, we did it. We pulled one over on Pat Ponich, and that in itself is no easy feat. So here we are, all of us together, in Las Vegas, celebrating the 70th birthday of one very special lady.

It's appropriate that we're here having a party for Pat. Because she's invariably the life of most any party. She's at home in the limelight and she's an absolute riot on those "rare" occasions when she's had a drink or three. My husband Tom, Pat's son, doesn't think those moments are funny but the rest of us do. No matter. Tom is still special in Pat's heart. And he's always there to protect her. She calls him her "SonShine." That's son as in S-O-N. And no wonder she does. Look at him. Her SonShine is beaming.

Let me tell you a little bit about Pat. She was born in Billings, Montana. She was an elementary school teacher. She has performed -- magnificently, and to her everlasting joy -- in musical theater. She has taught musical theater. She loves to sing and dance at the drop of a hat.

She's 70 now but she's more like 40. She has energies to admire and she doesn't like men anywhere near her own age because they're too slow…too boring…too old to keep up with this lovely, wonderful dynamo.

I'll say something else for her. She has a tremendous amount of love in her awesome heart. And I have never known her to say anything bad about anyone.

She has been a fabulous mother to Amy, Pam and Tom. And an extraordinary grandmother -- one in a million, really -- to her fabulous brood of grandchildren: Hannah, Daniel, Luke, Jesse, Max, Ben, Cole, Caylyn and Haleigh. I'll say this, too, Haleigh is my oldest, and she's actually Pat's step-granddaughter. But Pat has taken Haleigh into her heart and under her wing in such a beautiful, loving, seamless way. She's really an extraordinary person -- in every way.

She still boogie boards in San Diego. She directs plays, auditions for others and she's more vibrant than a weather system. If I had one word to describe the birthday girl it would be "amazing." If I had two words they would be "loving" and "amazing."

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who's here. A magnificent assemblage of those who mean the most to Pat. Her big brother, her nieces, her children, grandchildren, dear friends and in-laws. All here…all to celebrate with Pat…all to show our love and appreciation for this most special woman.

I want to point out Pat's brother Chris. It's great that you're here. And we all regret that Pat's sister, Carol, who sends her love, just could not attend.

Her dearest friends, Kit, Linda and Trudy are guests of special prominence. Just wonderful that you're all here to join in this celebration.

And thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen. To Pam who planned the shows that we'll see here in Vegas. To Hannah who organized the party entertainment. To nephew Chris who is putting together a video of our weekend of events…so we'll have them all to cherish forever and ever.

And most of all, to Pat, the birthday girl herself. The life of any party…especially this one. We're thrilled to share this wonderful occasion with you. And utterly sincere when we tell you how much we love you…how much we appreciate you…and how much we wish for you to have many, many more seasons in the sun. May you sing and dance and boogie-board for a long, long time to come.

Happy birthday to a very special lady and a golden inspiration to us all. Pat Ponich. You always surprise us. Now, it's our great pleasure to return the favor…with so much love.