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Birthday Poems for Dad

Is your Dad having a birthday? Want to give him something fun and truly unique? Think POETRY! That's right - a gift that's straight from your heart to his. He will love it. Filled with all your best memories of times shared. You're in luck, because this is exactly what we do here at PoemsToGo.

Each one of your birthday poems for your father is made exclusively from your details. Afer all, a Dad's love is special. From when you were a little girl to now, a grown up, he's been there the whole time. Helping you grow. Giving you fatherly advice. Doing it his way, all in hopes that you might listen to him and somehow along the way, perhaps follow in his footsteps.

So now, at this big birthday, rather than a card, send him a fun birthday greeting in verse - made by PoemsToGo! Our poems are fabulous and make the best gifts. It's because each of our verses are made from your own details.

So now, it's your turn. Order your poem right here. Upon receipt, you will receive a special birthday questionnaire. Please fill it out, telling me what makes your Dad so special to you. What was he like as a Dad? Did he make you laugh? Did he make you cry? Tell us all on your special questionnaire which will you receive upon receipt of your order.

We will deliver it you within 4 - 5 business days. I know you will be delighted, just as these other customers are.

For any questions or special requests, please feel free to get in touch or call us at 508-330-0028.

I look forward to writing for you!

WOW! I was in tears at the end of the poem you created. I cannot thank you enough...truly perfect in every way!
-- Robert

Happy Birthday to Dad - An example

Dear Dad,

What do you know, how does it happen,
I mean it…man alive!
Does time go on fast forward?
It's true, Dad's sixty-five!

This man, Jay Green, he's our Dad,
A great old guy, he's tops.
Sensitive, sweet and funny,
Loves his family most, that's Pops.

Dad is always on the go,
A classic early riser.
Keeps him sharp and busy
And, you know, there's no one wiser.

As a Father he's the best there is,
Greatest anyone ever had.
Always tolerant, loving and patient,
And almost never gets mad.

Dad's a dentist tried and true,
Professional to boot.
An expert at fixing oral jams
Problems? He's at the root.

Dad met Mom in college,
For Linda, ol' Jay flipped.
They fell in love and married,
Just like a romance script.

After U of M and BU,
Mom and Dad moved south to the sun.
Opened up a practice,
And had themselves some fun.

They raised three boys so beautifully,
Instinctively, you'd feel.
Three little gems, now all grown up,
Adam, Jared and Neil.

Now they're proud grandparents,
Ethan, Jacob and Alexa love 'em.
To Mom and Dad these kids are all,
There's no one else above 'em.

Daughters-in-law, so lovely,
Cindy and Samantha, dear.
They'll help to get Dad's party
Up to speed and in full gear.

And Dad, he has a brother
Who's swell and of the sort-ee,
Happens to be a great Uncle, too,
The one and only Morty.

Crowning the family venture,
With love and grace galore,
A special brother-in-law named Stephen,
And sweet, darling dear Lenore.

Meanwhile, Dad is in his glory
A joy you're wont to fathom.
It seems one son is homeward bound,
Dad's joyous to have his Adam.

'Course he's busy every day,
Tennis, bridge and all his books.
He's into body buildin', too,
I tell you, our Dad cooks!

He's also quite the painter,
Magnificently he toils.
Just look upon your placemat.
It's one of Dad's great oils.

He always has his cravings,
Dad easily asserts,
His appetite is legend,
But his favorite is desserts.

They're his consuming interest,
He'll say sans sneer nor wrinkles.
Watch him fudge his low-fat ice cream,
And smother it with sprinkles.

We love you, Dad, you're just the best,
It's beautiful in prose or rhyme.
You've always been our champion,
Always gave us quality time.

So on this special birthday,
To mark this grand occasion,
It must be said in simple words,
It's natural, no persuasion.

You're just the greatest guy around,
On your birthday or whenever.
And loving you for all you are
Is the easiest endeavor.

So thanks and know our thoughts for you
As you pass from sixty-four.
Just take it from each one of us,
Jay, Dad, we love you more and more.


Neil, Adam and Jared