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Bar Mitzvah Poems

Few occasions are as important to the entire family as a bar mitzvah or a bat mitzvah. At this time, the young man or young lady is recognized as an adult in the eyes of the Jewish community. And at more and more of these special occasions, the candle lighting ceremony is becoming a major part of the festivities. During this rite of passage, the bar mitzvah boy or the bat mitzvah girl honors significant family and friends, many of whom are called up to help and light a candle. Usually there are thirteen candles lit in all -- to commemorate all thirteen years in the life of the bar or bat mitzvah.

Our bar mitzvah candle lighting poems are honestly wonderful. Everybody loves them and that's because they are made from your details that you provide about your children in our easy-to-use questionnaire. This form will arrive in your email upon receipt of your order. We'll include 1 - 2 stanzas for each relative or group of friends lighting a candle. If you have more candles to light, please let us know and we will accommodate you.

We look forward to hearing stories about your child, which we will include in your special poem. Feel free to pour your heart out on your questionnaire. We have provided a small sampling of our writing to give you a taste of what we can do.

Please place your order today. Your questionnaire will be delivered to your email upon receipt of your order. Please fill this out as thoroughly as you can and email back to me. This will ensure the creation of a wonderful poem.

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A Bar Mitzvah Poem Excerpt

It's my bar mitzvah day,
How wonderful to share
It all with all of you.
Simply extraordinaire.

I want to show my thanks
In a very special way.
So let's get out the candles
And see just how it plays.

If I call your name,
Don't worry, fuss or fight.
Just come on up and help me
By shedding candle light.

First candle is in memory
Of my grandpa Stanley, true.
He was just the best,
In all the things he'd do.

Always cooked our holiday brisket,
Man, he was just so great.
I miss you, Grandpa Stanley,
You always were first rate.

Others are in mind,
At this time as well.
Great Grandpop Isador,
He was really swell.

Great Grandfolks Sally and Gerhardt,
Cousin Jan, Great Uncle Joe,
Great Uncle Lillie and Great Aunt Janet,
And dear friend Sandy Ginsberg, you know.

In memory of all of you,
With feelings warm as the sun.
I'll do it now, with honor,
By lighting candle one.

All my dearest friends,
You guys are truly great.
Hanging out at the mall,
Soccer and softball, my teammates.

We live to text each other,
Go to movies, yes we do.
Come on up and help me,
By lighting candle two.

The Wrecking Crew is next,
Our family's dearest friends.
The parties that we've had,
The fun, it has no ends.

Russ and Francy Baldauf,
And daughter, Brook, oh yes.
The Cooksons, Randy, Tracy and MacKinsey,
You folks are among the best.

Please do all this honor,
Be right here with me.
Let's light it up for sure,
By lighting candle three.

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Pearl,
Golfers on a par.
So wonderful and generous,
Each is a bright star.

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Louise,
You're a pleasure galore.
All of you, please come on up,
Let's light candle four.