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Baby Shower Poems

Are someone you know expecting a baby? On such a joyous occasion, send congratulations to a new mother and family with an original baby shower poem.

Each verse is written using your own information and the result will be a fun and adorable baby shower verse.

Simply place your order today and your special questionnaire will follow by email. Complete and return it, and we'll work with your information to give you a beautiful poem which will stay in their hearts forever.

For any questions or special requests, please feel free to get in touch or call us at 508-330-0028.

Wow, where do I begin to tell you what a wonderful job you've done and how much this poem means to me. It's beautiful and there';s nothing I would change. Thank you so much.
-- Allison

Welcome to the world Gavin

Dear Gavin, I am sending you
This special little poem
To say how very glad I am
That you've arrived at home.

I love your mother dearly, and
I'll share that love with you,
For in our hearts there's always room
To love somebody new.

Your mom was once a little girl.
I told her funny jokes.
She'd giggle, and her mom and I
Were proud to be her folks.

Well, now she'll kiss and hug you tight,
And you will come to see
That, with each hug and with each kiss,
A part of it's from me.

When you are old enough to play,
If you should skin your knees,
I'll be right there to comfort you,
Within each gentle breeze.

And every night at bedtime,
If you look up at the sky,
A special star that winks will be
The twinkle in my eye.

In time, you'll learn to say your prayers
Each night before you sleep,
Then tell me all your secrets,
Which I promise I will keep.

I'm safe here in God's heaven,
So I'll always lend an ear,
And have the time to listen to
The people I hold dear.

Though I'm not there beside you,
You may see me in your dreams:
A blonde-haired man with Mom's blue eyes.
I'll have a smile that beams.

Folks knew me as a carpenter,
A man who worked with wood,
Who always loved his family
And tried hard to be good.

I know that you will be good, too,
Your parents' pride and joy.
They've waited years to welcome you,
And now you are their boy.

So, Gavin, run and laugh and play,
For life can be great fun,
And you'll be loved by Mom and Dad
Because you are their son.

You'll start out small and soon grow tall,
Exploring as you grow,
Excited by discoveries,
Wherever you may go.

Both Mom and Dad are there for you,
And I am here, above.
Whatever tests you face, in life,
You'll always have our love.

With faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ,
All things are possible.
Just trust Him and you'll always have
A life that's rich and full.

Love, Grandpa