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Every wedding anniversary marks a beautiful occasion. And PoemsToGo can help you to make the most of the occasion by writing something fun, emotional and terrific. Our anniversary speeches, poems and toasts are truly unforgettable, and because we write them from information you provide, they're completely original.

You know your parents would love to hear from you on their golden anniversary. So let us do the honors by coming up with some heartfelt words for you.

Perhaps it's for your 1st anniversary, your 25th, 50th anniversary or more, each one of our speeches are perfect and permanent keepsakes.  For you, for family, for dear friends, for anyone, any time, call on PoemsToGo for an anniversary speech that everybody will love.

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Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for this absolutely fantastic anniversary speech. I sit here with tears in my eyes and I know that they will just love it! You are amazing! Thank you thank you!
-- Angie

What a speech Amy! I'm so delighted. Thanking you again and again for a beautiful job!
-- Sylvia

An Anniversary Speech Example

Is it really 50 years since that marvelous day when Chicago’s own lovable Irish-English all-American hothead married his lovely bride who admits to being 80% German and a fifth of Scotch?

Amazing but true.

Yep, Art Kennedy & Gerry Schmeltzer, aka mom and dad, have been married fifty – five-oh -- years. So it’s more than half a century since young Gerry admired the robust and rugged football and baseball star of high school. And likewise, when good looking Art first shyly ogled at the sweet and emminently attractive church-going cutie.

They fell for each other like a ton of bricks and dad, ever the romantic, proposed to mom from Germany – where he was stationed with the Army. He sent her a native German cuckoo clock – and within that thing was hidden an engagement ring. Mom received her package, opened it...and yawned. Dad waited for mom’s response...and he waited...and waited. Finally, he called her up. "Nice clock," she said. Dad couldn’t believe it. "Did you make it work yet?" She said no. He roared, "Make the cuckoo come out!" She did...and along with the call of the cuckoo came, wrapped carefully...lovingly...in tin foil...a ring that sealed the deal forever.

When dad got home, the lovebirds married. It was September 26, 1959. In no time, they set about to making a life and a family. The kids came soon thereafter. In order of age, we are Lynn, Jeff, Artie, Mary and Kelly, and we kids agree on many things, especially this: No one could have better parents than ours, or more fun every step of the way.

And not just because of vacations in Jamaica and Tahiti and New Orleans. Or those marvelous summers where we played on the beach and romped in the waves at Chalet on the Lake in Stevensville, Michigan. But because of the ordinary everyday hysterical stuff that seemed to happen in our house.

Like the time dad, who always worked hard, came home from an 8-hour shift at Jewel. Dad was never a stranger to ranting and raving, but this time he outdid himself – because the subject of his rants was "the F-‘in cheese that was sliced so damn thin in that joint." Mom tried to calm him sown. "Art," she said. "It’s cheese."

Or the time one winter when dad and the boys ventured outside and built a group of, shall we say, anatomically correct snow people. Mom came out when they were done to snap a few shots and give the family a real Polaroid moment. Dad smirked and told mom to shake a leg. He pointed at the very real snowman in the bunch and said "Speed it up, Gerry...this guy’s freezing his balls off over here!"

We’d all laugh so much...and then we’d go to Buckingham Fountain for hot chocolate and popcorn.

Dad was in the pipe-fitting business and he long admired pipefitting that had been done correctly. He was always a stickler for good work – but he wasn’t so hot giving directions. He was kind of vague, in fact, and that often led to trouble. But you were expected to just figure it out for yourself. Like to time dad had to get a tool over to one of his colleagues right away. He told Lynn to "take this over to Bones...in Oak Lawn...around 98th." Well, Lynn took that tool – and when she got there, she found a 98th Street...a 98th Park...and a 98th Place. So she started looking for the name "Bones" on mailboxes on all of those streets. No dice. Then she rang all the doorbells, asking people if they knew a Mr. Bones. Still no luck. Finally, crestfallen, Lynn came home with the tool and had to face her tempestuous father. "Mr. Bones will NOT be getting the tool for the job tomorrow," she announced. Dad was apoplectic. "Bones?" he yelled, "Bones is just something we call him. His name is John Prentzel!" So mom came to the rescue. She looked up the address and brought that damned tool where it had to be.


Lynn & Adam, Jeff , Artie & Mary and Kelly