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90th Birthday Poems

When you're getting ready to celebrate a family's 90th birthday, think how wonderful an original poem will be. We'll highlight all your birthday memories and put them into a fabulous masterpiece. Whether it be to honor your grandma on her ninetieth or celebrate your Mom or Dad's special day, in fact, any year from the first to the 50th birthday and beyond, a personalized and customized poem from PoemsToGo says it best!

So, be the star of the party by having us craft a customized poem full of your stories and remembrances. Order your poem today! Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a special birthday questionnaire to complete. Please fill it out and email back it back. We'll use your own information to create a truly-special poem, filled up with your love and happiness..

Our poems just run under a minute in length and have been met with rousing applause.

If you need this real fast, please check off the Rush Order Box found half-way down on the order page. I look forward to writing for you!

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Dear Amy, What a fabulous 90th birthday poem you composed for my sister's birthday! She was so touched by it! Some of the guests thought that I was so creative in writing! Of course, I told them I wasn't and that it was YOU!

It was a BIG hit!
-- Sincerely, Cheryl.

Oh my goodness,
What a rage!
My dear Mom
Has hit this age!

She's ninety years young
And in her glory.
Mom is so special,
Here's her story.

Norah A.W. McCormick,
Beloved as Thomas's wife,
Such a loving lady,
Such a wondrous life!

She always took me everywhere,
Rye Playland was one great spot,
Escorted me on all the rides
Even though, for her, it wasn't so hot.

That's the kind of gal she is,
Giving in her style,
And living to the fullest,
Always loving, without guile.

Born in good old Liverpool,
A child of the UK,
Mom has always been prayerful,
Thanking God for every day.

I'll say this for now, though,
And I'll say it makes me quiver,
It's her penchant for her favorite dish,
Those onions plied with liver.

I'll pass on that, and thank you,
And I think enough is said,
She's also a big fan
Of bananas on white bread.

Food aside, Mom really loves
Her games – she knows the lingo.
Loves her scratchie lotto,
And on Friday nights her bingo.

She's been on Nassau Street,
The same house for 75 years,
Mom's a woman of consistency,
Not one to switch her gears.

She's just so very special to me,
Best mom on the scene,
Always so supportive,
A mom, a friend, a dream.

She watches all those mystery shows,
Every single time,
And even before Perry or Colombo,
She knows who perped the crime.

The best telephone operator
In all the boroughs five,
Mom's President of her senior's club
And all the members thrive.

The annual Xmas part,
Atlantic City trips,
Mom, you are a pistol,
Truly, you're a pip.

So on your big, big birthday,
I'll say what's dear and true,
Mom, I wish you all that's good
And know that I love you.

And if I a wish that I could make
Would come to bear, it's clear,
I'd ask the Lord to give you
Another healthy, happy ninety years!