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Nifty 50th Birthday Poems

Is your husband or wife about to turn 50? Congratulations! Searching for what to get? I've got the answer. Celebrate her big day with something truly special, words from your heart - set in verse! Not just for the fiftieth year, but for all ages, we'll write a memorable birthday poem which tells all about your Mom. Remember, all poems are constructed from your own details - so each is truly unique! We know you're gonna love it, just take a look at some of these testimonials.

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Dear Amy,
The poem was a huge success! My wife loved it, as did the guests at the party. I had several people ask me where I got it and I directed them to your website! Thank you so much for making my sweetheart's 50th birthday even more special.
-- Sincerely, Richard

Dear Amy,
How do you do it? What a fabulous 50th birthday poem! I can't wait to read it to my husband on his birthday. You had such little time to work with it yet it's so detailed and got all my points across. You're a genius!
-- Best wishes, Ceil

A Fiftieth Birthday Poem Example

Dear Kristie,

My wife, Kristie, she's so special,
Incredible, and so nifty.
Now she's gone and done it:
My sweetheart's turning fifty!

Incredible 'cause she's still so young
In how she looks and feels.
And also, after all this time,
My heart she truly steals.

We grew up in the same town,
Right across the street.
Started dating in high school,
She's made my life complete.

Married thirty years now,
And it has been the best.
Kristie, you are wonderful,
Better than all the rest.

Had a family right away,
Kayla was our first.
Then sons Ryan and Russell,
So proud of them we could burst.

Today we're the grandparents
Of two wonderful young guys.
Their names are Gabe and Conor,
And they're really up to size.

Kristie's working still
As a librarian in high school.
And everything about her
Is just so, well, so cool.

We like to ride our Harley,
Motorcycles are our thing.
On the open road,
Can make our hearts just sing.

Kristie loves her Mom,
They have lunch every day.
Go on gambling trips
That are fun in every way.

One time while in Vegas,
An earthquake hit the town.
Then at the Vegas Airport
Opera singers came around.

Wherever Kristie goes,
Something's bound to start.
Tornados, broken ankles and more,
Kristie always does her part.

She's there for you when needed,
Reliable, neat and clean.
Kristie is more organized
Than anyone else you've seen.

I'll make the bed and she'll move a pillow
Just a quarter inch.
"That's perfect, Kristie," I'll say to her,
She makes it all a cinch.

Kristie loves old movies,
On that you can take a bet.
She knows her characters as well,
Her favorites? Scarlett and Rhett.

She works hard in the garden,
Makes things up and grow.
Now just a couple of words
That I want my Kristie to know.

I thank you for your wondrous love,
And all the things you do.
Kristie, dear, on this, your day,
Be sure that I love you.

My wish for you, dear Kristie,
Is a life that's filled with glee.
And many years of fun ahead,
For you, my dear, and me.