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Original 50th Anniversary Speeches

Can you imagine it's your 50th anniversary already? Where did the years go? I bet you're wondering. Now, at this momentous occasion, toast your parents on their golden year with an original speech made by PoemsToGo.

Our fiftieth anniversary speeches run from three to five minutes in length and are filled with warmth and love. That's because each is a true original, made from your own details. Take a look at the example on this page.

Upon receipt of your order, I will send you my anniversary speech questionnaire. Tell me about their relationship. What is their trick to staying together all these years? It must be some type of magic.

I'll use your anecdotes and information to create a lovely speech for you. That will entertain and be remembered for a long time.

For any questions or special requests, please feel free to get in touch or call us at 508-330-0028.

I recommend Poems To Go for any occasion! I gave my in-laws a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party. One of my friends referred me to this website. The service was fast and the poem was great!!! It was a hit with everyone!! It was also a pleasure to work with Amy. She was extremely accommodating!
-- Jackie

An Anniversary Speech Example

There is so much I can say when the subject is Taylor and Olga Hubble. They're my only parents, I'm their only child, and this fantastic day is their one and only fiftieth wedding anniversary.

That number unto itself is incredible to me. Fifty years. Half a century of life and love together. It's amazing. And not just to me. To mom, too. Fact is, she's been counting down to this fiftieth anniversary for over five years. As soon as they reached year 45, mom went into anniversary overdrive, measuring the days, the weeks, the months as they counted down to this big day. She has been like a machine. Acknowledging 46, 47, 48, 49...boom! Hearing her time and again...saying, as if she can't quite believe it herself, "if I make it to fifty, it'll be a miracle." Well, mom? Here's good news: You made it. Dad made it. The miracle -- YOUR miracle -- is upon us!

And a miracle it is, for sure! It all started way back when...in 1952, when a young lady who hailed from Portugal was living in Fall River, Massachusetts. This young lady, let's call her Olga, was with her best friend, Delores. They were in a local drug store, making out a money order or something like it, when two hot shot Navy guys showed up. One of them, as you might expect, was Taylor Hubble. Dad and mom met, sparks were flying, and a date was made. The rest, as they say, is fate...and history. And fifty years of a wonderful marriage.

They were a magic couple right from the start. Mom was always hard working, religious, loving and family-oriented. Patience was her middle name. Still is. Dad is virtually the same. And I can tell you for sure, each one of them is utterly giving. They'll give you the shirt off their back.

As an only child, I think I'm the world's foremost specialist in knowing the ins and outs of Taylor and Olga. Fact is, I know that I'm extraordinarily lucky to have these two as my parents. I can't imagine life without them. They're just wonderful in all ways. And so much fun. With so many memories...a lifetime full...

Like the time we took our first family trip to Portugal. Dad has this thing about that trip -- especially about the bathrooms. It was 1979 and we were visiting with Tio Antone and Tia Maria in their house in Fial. Coming from the states, we were used to a relative lap of luxury. Back then, in Portugal, going to the toilet was a different experience altogether. Because you did it outside...in a tiny room that did NOT know from plumbing. Dad was a trouper, for sure. But he still talks of going in the middle of the night...when all was totally dark...and while you're sitting there...out of nowhere...you start hearing the squeal of pigs from...underneath.

Mom has her stories, too. Like the story about Meatball, my very first pet guinea pig. When I was about 14 years old, poor Meatball developed a tumor on her hind leg. There was nothing to do but put her to sleep. Dad got the necessary drugs and...one dark night, he took my beloved Meatball outside to do the deed. I wanted no part of it. Neither did mom. But unbeknownst to each other, mom and I both got out of bed, silently, and we walked through the dark halls, trying to gaze outside the window to see just what was happening with dad and Meatball. In that silence, in that total darkness, mom and I literally ran into each other. We actually bumped heads -- just before we started to scream and cry.

Today, mom stays busy by cutting the grass and by dying dad's hair. Meanwhile, dad's on a mission to save as much aluminum as possible, so mom can use the proceeds to buy a new pair of shoes or a pocketbook. Dad will work at least until he's 100. Only then will he consider slowing down -- and even then, he'll be slowing down just a tad.

And for both of them, the twin lights of their life are a couple of darling granddaughters named Melissa and Dina. Even when Melissa is not cajoling gas money out of them, the relationship between them all is close as close can be. And it's a beautiful thing. Our family is special. And blessed.

These days, dad is busy fixing things -- everything and anything. It's one of his gifts. And mom cooks and bakes up a storm -- including Portuguese baked beans, chocolate chip cookies and so much more. Life is good. In fact, with these two, life is great.

And may it continue to be great...for another 50 years or more. Mom...dad...on this extraordinary occasion, I can only repeat what I've been saying all my life. I thank you for everything...and I wish you only more good things, good health, lots of peace, and enduring love. You deserve no less than that. So happy anniversary. It's a golden anniversary and that's utterly appropriate. Because the two of you are pure gold in every way.