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Celebrate your 50th Anniversary in Verse today

What could be more "golden" than a 50th wedding anniversary?

Honoring an incredible half a century together, the fiftieth anniversary is an extraordinary event for the married couple, their children and grandchildren.

Let PoemsToGo mark this special date with a heartfelt, anniversary poem or a terrific speech. You'll get a complete original, a one-in-a-million creation -- because we write it from your own fun stories. They're truly fabulous presents that will last a lifetime. Read what our customers have to say.

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Dear Amy, This past Sunday was a wonderful day. Tricia and her brother Mark, hosted a super party for my wife, Joanie and me to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. One of the main highlights was the poem you wrote for us. It was GREAT! So many unique experiences were woven into it which caused laughter from the group and flooding memories back to us. Thank you so much. You have a special talent and we loved it!
-- Sincerely, Andy

A Golden Anniversary Excerpt

Dear Jean,

It seems like just the other day
That you and I first met,
You bowled me over with charm
And I've not recovered yet.

You struck a lasting chord in me,
Right from the very start.
It wasn't every day I'd see,
Such love in someone's heart.

The care to give to those in need,
And even those in want.
First was made quiet clear to me
When visiting your great Aunt.

And since the day we took our vows
You held me by the hand.
You led me by example and
Made me a better man.

Together we took on the world,
And fought for human rights.
I know we made a difference too,
Despite some sleepless nights.

And through it all you never ceased
To put our family first
With our three kids, then with their five
I often thought we'd burst!

Your heart has long been blessed
With the ability to grow
Large enough to cover up,
The hurt that people show.

And patience is your virtue
I witnessed it first hand
When you trusted me to lead you to
A very foreign land.

Kuwait was where we made our home,
(Not exactly a resort!)
And though you had your second thoughts
You gave me full support.

Never am I more content
To call you my dear wife
I can't imagine a better soul
To walk with in this life.

Fifty years is just a start
To show you what I mean
When I say I'll give my heart
To love you, my dear Jean!