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25th Year Anniversary Poems

Celebrating a silver wedding anniversary? For the parents who have everything, it’s not easy to find them the perfect gift.

Here at PoemsToGo, we know the very best way to send your love is with an original anniversary verse! Written directly from your own fun stories, each poem will bring a smile.

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Dear Amy,
Words can’t describe how wonderful your poem was. Everybody laughed. This was the perfect perfect. It was enjoyed by all. I can’t believe how well you tied everything in but you did it. Many thanks, I’ll be back for more. Sincerely,
-- Charlotte

A Silver Anniversary Poem Example

Fun with Dick and Jan,
These two are sure first rate.
Now we're celebrating
A most important date.

Their twenty-fifth anniversary,
Married all these years.
Such a great, fun loving mom and dad,
To all of us, true dears.

They met at the Country Cousin,
The restaurant Dick owned.
Jan was working for him,
That's where their love was honed.

They married in a short while,
We all moved in together.
Dick and Jan combined their kids
And forged a family of great fair weather.

Six kids in all in that house,
Lots of room sure would be handy.
There are Sue and Jim and Darci,
Danni, Shelley and, yes, Randy!

With marriages came grandkids,
Fourteen of them in all.
Such a great big brood is fabulous,
For Dick and Jan…a ball.

Dick grew up in Spokane,
Jan from Clarkston came.
'Course that's academic now,
'Cause their residence has long been the same.

Jan sure loves her pasta,
Our Spaghetti Factory nights were fun.
We always spent the Fourth of July
In the Coueur D'Alene Lake sun.

Dick is crazy for old cars,
Brought a 1930 Pontiac back to life.
When he laughs, the world laughs too.
His quick-flash humor is rife.

Jan was an old hot blood,
Quick to anger, quick to forget.
She's since cooled down and mellowed out,
On that you can make a bet.

Both are so very fortunate
To still have moms who live.
They're wonderful parents and children,
Who have so much love to give.

Their favorite food is Mexican,
And Italian'll always do.
Dick loves his mom's lemon meringue,
And BethAnn's potato salad, too.

They share a love of Jesus,
Their faith in God is vast.
Belief looms large in every day,
From first waking moment to last.

They live so much for family,
And we're grateful for every bit.
Believe it, the best mom and dad on earth?
Well, you guys are it!

So we wish you a happy twenty-fifth,
With health, joy, peace and more.
Our love for you is endless,
That's what this life is for.


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