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1st Year Anniversary Poems

Is it your first anniversary already? Where has the time gone? Whether you choose to have a small celebration or a large party, let us write a heartfelt anniversary poem to honor the day.

Each of our anniversary verses is an original, composed from your own details. No matter if you are celebrating your very first year of marriage or your golden year, each poem is truly special. Whether coming from the children of the parents or from their friends, we know that you will be thrilled. Take a look at these testimonials.

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Your poetry questionnaire will arrive within moments in your email box. Just complete and email back to me. This will help to create a heartfelt poem for you and your sweetheart. Once we have received your completed questionnaire, we will start on your poem and email it to you within 5 business days. If you need it sooner, please order a RUSH by clicking the RUSH ORDER link found 2/3 of the way down the order page.

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Dear Amy, Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL poem. You captured my stories so well. I was just amazed. What a GREAT GIFT this will make. I also appreciate your quick turn around time. I will use you again for future gifts.
-- Michelle

An Anniversary Poem Example

Can it be, is it true?
The calendar makes it clear.
It's time for celebration,
Our anniversary…our first year!

Oh, Craig, just know you are the one,
My adoring fascination.
Ever since you walked right in
Our restaurant, The Station.

We hit it off so fast,
Enraptured in each other's lives.
That hug after MacKenzie & Willis,
I knew it…our time arrives!

Went to Noosa for our honeymoon,
Paradise by the sea.
Cocktail nights, long runs by day,
Craig, just you and me.

Best of all, Craig gave me
That which I did lack.
3 loving, adoring step-kids,
They are Joel, Indy and Zac.

What can I say of Craig?
This man is truly great.
An MBA, so smart,
With a vocabulary that's just first rate.

He's a show-off, too, my athlete,
That time at Wanaka, see?
Poor Craig skied too daring fast,
And busted up his knee.

He's my woman of the house.
Let me please explain.
He's a master of the dishwasher,
But power tools? He'll refrain.

He's extraordinary looking,
Loves looking at himself, in fact.
A certain type of immodesty,
My Craig sure doesn't lack.

And just to state the case
That life is never fair,
Poor Craig laments getting pimples
Even as he's getting grey hair.

But all that's little stuff,
So let me clear the air.
No one's more romantic than Craig,
No one else can show such care.

He's deep in thoughts and loving,
And one day a Ph.D.
'Course someone else will get that doctorate first,
And that someone, Craig, is me!

Our life together is marvelous,
Cause he's really a special guy.
I love him oh so much,
And I know exactly why.

Craig, your heart is full,
And you're always so much fun.
Life with you is bright and warm,
Like living with the sun.

So sweetheart, Craig, my husband,
Our first year is a gift from above.
Let's have a life time more,
And fill our world with endless love.

Love and hugs,